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Safety Bag

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Rs. 10100.00
- Easy maintainance
- Prevents Bag Snatching
- Works on Battery
- cash or jewelry up 10KG
- Give Electric shock to Thief

Latest in the range of Safe India Security Systems, our Safety Bag works on a remote sensor and on chain junction system as well.Safe India Safety Bag alarm system with remote is an effective solution for incidences of bag snatching.


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A switch on the secret key in bag and the cordless remote activates the system. In case the bag is snatched a high voltage current is immediately passed resulting in a painful shock to the perpetrator. At the same time a high pitched alarm is blared draw attention. In case you are travelling by train or bus, all you have to do is plug the chain sensor in chain holder with support of seat rod and switch on the secret key. In case any person tries to take the bag without your consent, he will feel a high voltage electric shock and simultaneously an alarm is sounded Available in different colors and sizes, the Safety Bag comes with a one year guarantee

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